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I’ve Been In Your Shoes…

As the oldest of five, I grew up in an environment with constant chaos. One parent was an alcoholic and the other was codependent. I had to anticipate the changing moods and needs of people around me in order to feel safe. I soon learned to believe that the way to achieve happiness and self love was to help other people in any way I could.

Unfortunately, these beliefs taught me to bottle up all my trauma and emotions and ignore my pain. As an adult, I found myself in a personal hell of unforgiveness, self hatred, and addiction. My life was unraveling. I was surrounded by well-meaning people who told me to “move on” and “stop talking about it” which only made it harder for me to open up to loved ones about the trauma of my past.

I lived a life of internal chaos. It felt like someone else was inside my head controlling the puppet strings. Not sure of who I was anymore, I would look for any escape or distraction to cope with the trauma, intense emotions, and full-body flashbacks. Constantly stuck in defensive mode, I got to the point where I no longer felt that I was worthy of recovery. I was mentally and physically heavy, depressed, and overwhelmed. I’d totally rejected spirituality but decided to give myself one last chance at redemption. I sought out solutions but never found the perfect fit.

Finally, I had enough and made the choice to pursue a self-created recovery – one that was on my terms and unique to me. Spending years immersing myself in studying many forms of religion, spirituality, and personal development, I gathered the knowledge, skills, and techniques I would need to launch my healing journey. From that moment, I chose to embrace my imperfections, mistakes, and shortcomings in a healthy, loving way.

During that time, I learned so many lessons that helped me feel like the strong woman I knew I was inside. I learned the difference between what I thought I “should” let go of and what I wanted to let go of. I learned to give myself permission to feel peace and happiness. After incorporating systems of self assessment, meditation, and proven tools I learned in my studies, I started believing in myself and soon saw results. I became so hopeful and excited about my ability to become the person I needed in the past for myself and began to experience true confidence.

Because of the powerful shift that occurred in my own life, I made it my mission to share my process with others who are stuck and suffering As a trauma coach and guide, I’m blessed to use my knowledge and gifts to guide struggling women as they let go of the past and choose themselves. I’ve helped many women transform struggle and brokenness into hope, strength, and the audacity to dream bigger, and I’d love to show you the way as well. To get started, click the button below to schedule a discovery call today.

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Meet your guides


Nicole Phillips is a Certified Life & Life Purpose Coach with twelves years of leadership training from the Leaders Institute of Transformation and Empowerment. She is a trauma coach who specializes in helping women let go of the past and stop living in defensive mode. Nicole also has a bachelor’s degree in English with a minor in Religious Studies, a master’s degree in Teaching, and became an AMM Ministries ordained minister in 2019.

Meditation teacher Shawn dressed in white linen with shrubs and bushes in the foreground and background leaning on her knee off the path of steps that are behind her.


Shawn is a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Mentor who is committed to helping others learn how to manage their lives in healthy, healing ways. Her work focuses on helping people to identify, clarify, and release whatever it is that is preventing them from living in the present and being free of past suffering. Having suffered through and healed from trauma herself, she believes in creating safe spaces designed to help others make peace with themselves and the issues that they are facing in their lives. She creates guided meditations for people struggling with trauma, stress, and anxiety and facilitates classes teaching various types of meditation.

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